Jon and Demitria began their journey together on July 14th, 2019 with a simple coffee date. He learned about her love for all things outdoors, while she learned about his love for comedy. She shared her dream of opening up a small hobby farm and naming it after her favorite Girl Scout camp unit, "Peaches Landing." He shared his dream of being a headlining comedian, and opening for someone like Doug Stanhope. Amidst the coffee sips and get-to-know-you chatter (mostly by Demitria) something was brewing. It was the crafting of two people falling in love. By August of 2020, they were engaged.

Conversations of a production company were frequent between them, but the pandemic highlighted the opportunity to open up shop. While in pursuit of his personal stand up career, Jon's style of comedy was branded as "Delightfully Demented" given his ability to deliver offensive, cringe-worthy lines, that still make you laugh. As talk about the production company morphed into planning stages, a name had to be given.

As an ode to their dreams, the name Demented Peach was born.

Photo cred: Chev Shots @skinnyfatphoto