comic FAQ

Our focus for you is on three main aspects:

Opportunity: setting you up for success and ensuring an optimal environment to showcase your talents.

Professionalism: providing you with a professional space to develop and perform.

Safety: following protocols for your physical and mental wellbeing before, during, and after shows.

How do I get booked on an open mic?

Sign up using our online form. When spots become available, we send out an email blast to those who have signed up for our communications. There’s no need to worry about messaging us for time. We’ll come to you. And don’t worry: we don’t give your contact information out to anyone and we don’t use it for anything other than booking-related communications.

How do I get booked on a showcase?

We book every showcase through our open mics. We don’t feel it is right by our venues or patrons to book sight unseen, and we want to work with comics who want to work with us. Not everyone who does an open mic will be booked on a showcase, but that is where you have the chance to both work out new material and strut your stuff!

How do you ensure safety standards and professionalism are met?

Simple: we don’t do handshake deals. Every venue we partner with signs a partnership agreement with us to provide a safe, comedy-constructive atmosphere for the show. Additionally, every comic who performs on one of our showcases signs a code of conduct that they are expected to follow. We also do temperature checks prior to each show, and require all performers to adhere to CDC-recommended health and safety standards at all times.

How do I report an issue at a show?

Please contact to report any issues you experienced at a show. All reports are kept confidential.