About Us

Demented Peach Productions L.L.C. is a West Michigan production company that delivers paying opportunities for local talent and affordable entertainment for patrons and hosting venues.


Comics should be compensated for their time and dedication without having to sign with a name brand agency.

Venues can provide quality entertainment for their patrons without having to drain finances to do so.

Patrons want to laugh in a safe environment that doesn’t leave them regretting the time and money spent.

Simply put, we don’t believe in starving artists or overpriced entertainment.

To us, live, locally-focused comedy is the future. Together, we're capable of building a comedy community that elevates artists, embraces small businesses and their patrons, and ultimately brings us the one thing we all need most:


Vision: To create an abundance of fruitful opportunities that elevate performers of the regional independent comedy scene.

Mission: To produce high caliber comedy shows that result in a gainful return on investment for both performers and hosting businesses.

How did Demented Peach Productions get it's name?